Wanderlust is Strong and I am Grounded

Seems like it’s getting to be more and more difficult to do traveling these days. Not that I can do much right now since I’m almost as poor as dirt, but I would really love to one day and not just in my own country. Annoys me when people tell me they don’t want to travel to other countries because there’s so much that they want to see in their own country even though they don’t even do that. I’ve always wanted to travel the world ever since I was little. Most likely stems from the fact that my family never travelled anywhere just for fun (except for going fishing on Lake St. Clair or occasional excursions to Cedar Point, ooooh so far from home! LOL). I also read a lot of books, watched a lot of television, and living where I did I met many people from other countries. Sure, explore your backyard and support the local economies, but why limit yourself to your home country when there are just so many things to experience. Those people never impress me much, limited minds and all.

Unfortunately, governments are making it more difficult. The price of passports are outrageous (almost got one a few years ago but getting laid off and needing to survive squashed that) and now everyone wants visas for everything. I can understand security checks and such as nobody wants bad people causing mayhem in their country, but sometimes I think they get a little too uptight or just want to milk every bit of money they can from people who want to just step outside and see what is out there. Then again I could be wrong. I don’t like it either way. My dreams getting further and further away from me and I can’t catch up.


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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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