Daughter Sometimes Must Caution Mother

I love my hermit mother and glad she is making friends on the internet at least, though sometimes I get worried about her getting caught up in something that could destroy her if she is not careful. She is a 67 year old widow, not in the greatest of health, can barely get around, very poor, keeps herself secluded in a room in my sister’s already crowded little house, and up until just a few years ago has never touched a computer let alone surf the internet. She tells me about her friends and how some of the male friends flirt with her. Some of these male friends are even younger than me. LOL She seems to get emotionally involved with some who can really lay it on thick and talk to her about wanting to meet up. Some I am sure are just looking to have a bit of fun or looking to swindle some naive soul, not always easy to tell. The latest she has been chatting to for only 2 months and already talking about wanting to marry her and all that stuff. In a strange twist I find myself giving her advice and words of caution. I told her it was cool that she is making friends, at least virtually, but I really do not want to see her end up being the latest subject of an episode of Catfish TV. I’m not usually one for reality tv, but out of boredom at work I have watched it from time to time and find it crazy how the people featured on the show could ever go through what they do. Yeah, I know it’s probably all scripted for the show, but I know that shit does actually happen.

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