Sometimes Dreams Can Be Depressing

Sometimes I am not sure why people from the past crop up in dreams, especially when you have not given them any thought in years. Last night I had what started out to be a rather mundane dream about being at work. Don’t you just hate those? In this dream, I was in the garage of my office building sifting through some old equipment with another coworker. I see a car come into the parking lot and then this man walks into the garage as me and my coworker are having a snack. Yeah dreams are weird that way. This man I have not seen nor thought about in almost 20 years in real life. He had been the Mr. Miyagi to my Karate Kid in my early days learning the television production trade. I looked up to him as a teacher and sometimes I think maybe saved my life by giving me a feeling of working at something that made me feel whole. He ended up leaving though once an opportunity arose for him elsewhere, but I don’t blame him one bit as I would have done the same. In my dream, he and I start chatting away about something and then his face went all grim and he told me how very disappointed he was in me which stung a bit. I awoke feeling quite sad because I know that I ended up being a failure and that knowledge is quite crushing.


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1 Response to Sometimes Dreams Can Be Depressing

  1. Will says:

    I couldn’t resist commenting. Well written!

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