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Waited to give my opinion here until I saw each episode at least once just because. By the way this post does have spoilers. This most recent set of Sherlock episodes are now done and aired. Seems everyone is mixed on it while some others are wrongfully pissed off because they expected the creators to write stories that they didn’t want to write in the first place and since they didn’t get their way are spewing hate at those creators. To the latter types I say make your own show and get it aired if you want your story told the way you want it and stop making everyone else look batshit crazy. Let the creators make the show that they want to make.

Anyways, the latest installments of Sherlock I feel were okay. Not the best mind you, I doubt they will ever be as good as the first two sets, but not every episode of any series is going to be “best thing ever!” material. Overall though I enjoyed them for what they were despite the inconsistencies or stuff that just didn’t make sense even in the realm of fiction. Whatever your feelings about the plots though, you cannot argue with the great production value at least and the superb acting.

S4E1 – A bit weak, it felt as if everyone was trying to get their bearings back after a long hiatus. The first mystery, which got solved in the first 10 minutes, was more compelling than the whole former team mate wanting revenge on Mary plot. And as much as I have always loved Martin Freeman, that end scene just didn’t convince me.

S4E2 – Better than the first with a good plot twist at the end. Toby Jones’s character was a wee bit over-hyped. While he was creepy and pretty much summed up the whole “I’m rich and famous and can get away with anything” persona pretty well, I didn’t find him to be more vile and disgusting than the Charles Augustus Magnussen character from series 3. This one did have a feel of an actual Arthur Conan Doyle plot though where you know what’s going to happen and just watching to see exactly how Sherlock thwarts the opponent.

S4E3 – While the whole secret insane sister plot is a total WTF moment, everything else was good. It was still a fun ride. Not exactly crazy about how they treated the Molly character though. Great emotional interactions between Sherlock, Mycroft, and John as they are forced into different dilemmas showing the strong bonds between Sherlock and his best friend and Sherlock and his brother. A lot of stuff didn’t make sense, but that can be forgiven on the whole except for the whole shoehorning of Moriarty into the story which I found to be totally unnecessary. I love Andrew Scott’s Moriarty but they could have left the character out of there seeing as how he is dead as dead can be. Allowing a criminal mastermind unsupervised access to your intelligent yet insane sister bent on hurting her brothers for no apparent reason, really Mycroft? Thought you were supposed to be the smart one.


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