Oh What a Day

Crazy day today, quite crazy. Had to get up quite early in the morning, which you know just isn’t my thing unless I am being paid to do it, and brave the wacky weather. The reason for the early morning was I finally went to have my first mammogram. Now I won’t get so many shocked responses from doctors upon hearing that I have never had one in my life. I really didn’t believe how fast it took. Even if it weren’t for the weather, it would still have been a faster visit then the trip there. What would have been a 45 minute trip took an hour and a half due to the heavy snow that was about to turn in to slushy mush. Zip into the doctor’s office for the exam and back out within 20 minutes. I swear it takes me longer just to go to my primary care physician just to ask her for more prescription refills.

After the zip in and out of the doctor’s office, I head back down the freeway to head to work with a stop at the store along the way to pick up some cold medicine. Oh yeah, getting a cold as if the day wasn’t annoying enough. Get to work with wet feet as all of the snow is turning into puddles and rain now. Yeah, discovered that I have holes in my shoes therefore needing new shoes. I take off my shoes and place them and my feet in front of the space heater under my desk. Wouldn’t you know it the doorbell sounds and nobody seems to want to go answer it so I have to put my wet shoes sans insoles on and get the door.

Get home and my sidewalk alongside my house is a river due to the melted snow, so of course my feet get wet again. I get inside the house and end up having to go back out as I have nothing thawed out for dinner. By this time I am tired and miserable. Get back home a second time, eat dinner, get in my jammies and get cozy on the couch a bit. Finally.

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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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