Two Losses in a Short Time

We all know 2016 is already a totally fucked up year, but why did it have to take away two family members just before Christmas? First loss was December 16th. My little cousin Nikki died at the age of 28. We grew apart later in life since I distanced myself from some family members which caused some distance with other family members in the process, but I never stopped caring about her. She was living the ultimate mind fuck all her life that makes mine look like a walk in the park. A troubled soul, she ended her life. I’ll always remember the times I spent with her when she was little trying to show her how to be a kid when I would visit as she had nobody her age to grow up with and nobody ever took the time out for her.

I then find out tonight that I had lost my cousin Karen last night to a heart attack. I grew up with Karen, she being only a year younger than me. Her and her brother I was closest to out of all of my many cousins. Karen and Scott were the only ones who never bullied or teased me to tears and often played together. We never really hung out as adults due to geographic distance but still kept in touch when visiting my aunt on occasion. Karen’s death was totally out of the blue, but then again many heart attacks are. Just goes to show that sometimes you never know when you are going to leave this world.

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