Still Some Hope Left

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, directed by Gareth Edwards, turned out to be quite good. While not exactly ground breaking (what is these days?), it seems to have captured just a little bit of the magic that made the original Star Wars trilogy so captivating. This is the story of the events leading up to Episode IV: A New Hope. A group of rebels set forth to retrieve plans for the Death Star, a highly powerful planet killing space station.

While still somewhat effects heavy, as is normal for any sci-fi feature, they don’t totally rely on it this time to tell an actual story. I will say though that it is a bit creepy seeing a long dead Peter Cushing back on the screen as Governor Tarkin who is CGI’d over actor Guy Henry in order to make a convincing lead in to the 1977 Star Wars film. The CGI work is quite remarkable on the character even though the eyes still did not have that spark as a real actor would have. I cannot say the same for the CGI work for Princess Leia, that was just scary, but I suppose they felt they did not need to do much detailed work on her since it was just a brief bit near the end.

Not a lot of Jedi action, but that is not the focus here. No Skywalkers, though we do get a bit of Darth Vader. Feels like a fresh story, which is good. A lot of action, once the story picks up momentum it doesn’t stop until the end. I think if you like the original Star Wars trilogy, you’ll like Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. 8 out of 10 for me. Recommend it.

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