Mom Still Worries

Had a chat with my mum tonight on the phone. It had been a few weeks since we chatted last so we chatted about a lot of stuff. Anyways, somewhere along the line I mentioned the fact of me sometimes getting caught after dark on my walkabouts lately as the days are now getting shorter. Of course she starts lecturing me about being out and about after dark by myself. While true that there is safety in numbers, it isn’t always possible for me to have someone to hang out with. In fact it’s pretty much impossible as I have no friends locally. As much as she has always wanted me to, I cannot always be so paranoid or else I would sit inside and do nothing forever, and that is not good. At least it shows she cares though I suppose, I’ll give her that. I guess no matter how old your little girl gets, you never stop being a mom.


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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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