Aren’t I Nice?

On occasion, for convenience sake, I find myself making a run to a fast food joint for dinner about once a week. Tonight was one such night and I decided that I would have a salad since my dinners the last couple of nights had been a bit on the heavy side. I go in and give my order to the young man behind the counter. I’ll never get why fast food joints decided to make it a thing to take your money before making your order and bagging it up but I’m sure there is some inside logic to it. The young man then goes to make my order happen. Not sure what the hold up was at the time but he comes back and asks if two half sizes would be okay as they were out of full size containers. Told him it was fine so he goes back. A few minutes later (yeah I know, it’s supposed to be fast food) he comes back up and tells me they are all out of a few of the ingredients to make my salad. This is why I’d rather wait for my food to be on the counter before paying. He asks if I’d like to select a different salad, unfortunately their other selections don’t appeal to me as much as my usual apple pecan chicken salad sans bleu cheese so I decline. Of course this means he has to call the manager over to void out the order, open the register, and get my money back. It’s 9pm, I’m hungry, and haven’t had a substantial meal since the night before other than my customary afternoon tea and granola bar. I tell him to hang on and proceed to order up a sandwich combo that is around the same price as my salad order so he could avoid all the hassle.

I usually try to be nice for the most part, it’s never a bad thing. Besides, fast food employees get enough hassle for very little pay. Just as it is with gas stations and grocery store clerks, nobody actively chooses to work fast food unless they are needing a little extra cash while going to school or are between jobs and desperate. It’s not really a career choice, at least I would hope not. So unless they have a bad attitude, never hurts to be nice.


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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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