Nobody Ever Sees it Coming

I remember the feeling well like it was yesterday. November of 2004, The company I worked for held their annual benefits meeting. Myself and many others sit through the long and boring meeting and fill out forms like we did every year. After all this fun stuff, a group of us who were all in the same positions in the tv productions department, get called in to an office and told that we were being let go. This company I was with since just before graduating high school and stuck with them through many acquisitions just gave a bunch of us the unceremonious boot. Though I’ll give them some credit for not treating us like criminals and giving us a security escort out of the building without allowing us to collect out belongings like they have done to so many others in the past. The big corporate monster (that I will not name here) that had bought us back in 2000 did seem to like cutting people each year, but you never expect it until it happens. Especially true when you’re in somewhat of a key position. Eventually I did go back to them on a part time basis as I was desperate for work at the time (major recession was going on) and they made some promises that I foolishly fell for. I seem to have a habit of falling for people’s promises knowing full well that they will never deliver. I’m an idiot sometimes and if I could find me something better I would be gone in a flash I guarantee you that.

Anyways, time for the annual cuts across the board and the programming department got hit once again. One employee in Indiana, who I don’t think did much anyways, and two long time employees in my own office in Michigan. Seems to have hit everyone pretty hard and once again, nobody expected it. The programming department is pretty much bare bones as it is, but these days they prefer using freelancers anyways as it’s cheap slave labor. Will be interesting since one person is in charge of the finances for the department as well as managing all of the freelancers and ordering stuff that is needed and the other guy is one of the engineers. I wouldn’t be surprised if they eventually whittled the department down to just 1 or 2 regular employees. Almost to that point now actually. The remaining employees seem to be pretty shaken and unsure of what is going to happen now, who is going to shoulder the extra burden. I think I will just sit back and continue to watch things unravel, at least until I can finally get to my tribe. Does this make me evil?


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