A Bit Creeped Out

This could be merely a case of someone being overly friendly to a virtual stranger and me not being used to that sort of person, or it can be a warning flag to keep on guard. Early this past summer, a new neighbor moved in next door to me. I rarely see the guy except for when I get off work late in the evening on occasion or when I take out the trash the night before trash pickup (again, late at night). The night thing doesn’t bother me too much as not everyone works a “normal” shift. Sometimes he will come onto the sidewalk and say hello, and sometimes engage in idle neighborly chitchat for a few minutes. Again, nothing wrong there, though still a bit alert given that I am not used to random neighborly socializing in the first place (product of the area I grew up in). The last couple times though, those innocent chitchats seemed a bit weird when he asks about the hours I work and about the hours worked by the person I live with. I told him the times worked is quite random. Not being purposefully evasive the first time, our hours are literally pretty random. Last night he asked again and also added a question about if I ever go out doing something other than work. Told him usually not as I can’t really afford it. Someone is usually home all the time. He then invites me to have a beer with him. Out of politeness I say sure, thinking that he meant some point in the future. He then tells me that he meant right then and there to just go with him to the bar and he would buy me a drink. I politely refused, telling him I had a few things to take care of before bed and told him some other time perhaps, and then went inside. It was almost 1:00am after all, my door was still open as I had only went out to put the trash to the curb, it was dark, I had no jacket on and I was cold, and I was a bit tired from a long day at work.

Needless to say, this has me feeling a bit uneasy. Keep in mind that despite him and his son living next door to me for the past 5 or 6 months, I could probably count on two hands the number of times I have encountered this fellow, and each encounter all being less than 20 minutes. Basically still a stranger. So yeah, to me the guy is acting a little too familiar too fast, which is quite unsettling. And not to sound too paranoid, but the questioning about work hours sounds a bit like trying to purposefully find out when nobody is home leaving it vulnerable to theft (not like I have much but still). I told some coworkers about this, and they agree it is a bit creepy. Keeping the eyes and ears open.

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