Sugary Sweet But Spicy Undertones

Among the many things I cannot stand is parking lot vultures. Parking lot vultures are those annoying people who wait for you to leave your parking spot so that they may take it. No, there is nothing wrong with waiting as somebody is pulling out of a spot so that you can take it, but what I have a problem with is people sitting and waiting for you before you even put your freshly shopped for goods into your trunk and get into your damn car! Now I’m normally the most sweetest thing to ever be born of Detroit, but do this to me and I will purposefully stand around and pretend to be on my phone or just get into my car and lay my seat back and just wait for you to move along. I don’t care if this pisses you off because quite frankly you piss me off being a vulture and deserve to circle around a few times to find your favorite parking spot instead of forcing yourself to walk just a few extra feet. You could have been already parked and into the store by the time I put my stuff into my trunk, get into my car, put my seatbelt on, start my car, put radio on, and then drive off.

This seems to happen to me all the time, happened again tonight. Like really? there’s an empty spot 5 spots over. at least they didn’t do like one joker did last week. Have to laugh at this one. Last week I was leaving a local mall. This one gal comes driving up behind me as I’m walking to my car and stops. Before getting into my car, I stopped for a second to admire the setting crescent moon and picturesque twilight and ponder what to do next as I did not feel like going home to be bored out of my skull straight away. This person was still sitting there even though I obviously looked like I was not getting in the car right away, so I just got out my mobile and pretended to be on the phone. This was all in a span of 5 minutes and they decide to finally move on. I get into my car, still not quite sure what to do next. I see the vulture coming around into the next lane and park in front of me. No big deal, glad they were able to find themselves a spot. She wasn’t getting out of her car but instead left her lights on and car running looking like she was waiting for me still to move. I decided to put my sun visor down and act like I was primping my face a bit. She eventually pulls out of that spot and pulls around to the lane I’m in still and parks in a spot on the other side of the lane but not really any closer to the entrance, and then decides to waddle out of her car. I then pull away finally.

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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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