Something Scary at the Secretary of State’s Office

It’s that lovely time of year again where I must renew my driver’s license and tags. Sometimes I can do it by mail and other times I must go into the office and wait for what seems like forever. Yes the analogy of the sloths in the movie “Zootopia” is quite accurate. I could have renewed by mail this time around, but I really needed to change the picture on my driver’s license so I dealt with the waiting game. Anyways, as I’m sitting there, I have no other option but to people watch. Not long after I get in, take my number and then sit down, in walks a lady who decides that it is fashionable for a female to wear their pants falling off of their asses like men. By the way, it’s not even fashionable for men so STOP IT! She decides to sit in front of me. OMG it’s something that cannot be unseen. Big butt crack poking out from the back of the open-backed folding chair. I avert my gaze the best I could by watching two adorable little boys gleefully alleviating their boredom by running around, giving their older sister some exercise as she tried to keep them in one spot as their dad waited for his turn. And before you say that the dad should have been the kid wrangler, he was disabled. But it would have been creepy to sit and stare at some stranger’s children, so had to look away from time to time. Unfortunately, there’s little miss butt crack right in front of me. Another lady did walk by her and tell her to pull her shirt down or her pants up, and butt crack woman complied briefly, but shortly after, it was back out in full force. I was so relieved when she finally left.


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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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