It Does Not Make Sense Episode 2

I don’t get it. One of my cousins who had been married for nearly 20 years and divorced for the past 2 or 3 years is still using her ex’s surname. Not that I understand why people bother to get married in the first place anyways, pointless convention, but I would think that if you divorce a guy, you go back to using your maiden name. Two of my aunts did whenever they divorced. To me it makes sense to go back to using your maiden name, especially if the guy was a total dick. Sure, my cousin’s 3 teenage kids bear the name of the ex, but they are a product of that marriage and are stuck with it unless they choose to change when they are of age to change. Personally, if I ever did decide to go through with such a social convention and then divorce, I would want absolutely nothing to do with the ex and don’t care about how much of a pain in the ass changing my surname back would be (hyphenation can be a good thing here people), I would want to distance myself fully.

Another thing that boggles my mind about my cousin is not only does she still use her ex’s name after a few years of ditching him, she is going to use that surname for her soon to be baby’s surname. By the way, the ex is not the father. My cousin got involved with a guy earlier this year apparently. She’s been divorced so very much free to play the field. She got pregnant at the ripe old age of 42. The baby’s father has flown the coop and wants nothing to do with the baby to be, but cousin is keeping it anyways. Nothing wrong with single parenting by the way, quite brave I’ll give her that seeing as how she’s not exactly rolling in money. Instead of giving this baby to be his name or her maiden name, she is giving the ex’s name. Again, why would you? It has no ties to your ex so why should it bear his name? People are extremely strange.

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