She Means Well I Guess

My supervisor at the station means well I suppose, but she just doesn’t understand sometimes. The woman is always dispensing advice, even when not asked. She’s sort of like everyone’s go to person in the office when someone needs to talk about something. I don’t usually ask her for advice, just not my style, but I will talk to her occasionally about random stuff just so that I can use my voice at least once a day.

My supervisor knows that I’m pretty much paycheck to paycheck with very little wiggle room. Hell if I had wiggle room I would have been long gone ages ago. Anyways, I had made mention my latest car issues. Earlier this week I ran over some unavoidable debris in the road, including a trash can that cracked a bit of my car’s front end. Cars are made so frikkin’ cheaply. So far I don’t think it did any other damage. I’m already in need of new tie rods, which I have been for at least a year already but just could not afford to get them repaired when I got new tires and was made aware of the issue, and I will probably be needing my brakes fixed before winter. So yeah, going to have to be even more careful with my finances than I usually am. I pride myself in never having been in debt to anyone ever in my life. Whenever I’ve borrowed money or had to pay something in installments, I’ve always made sure to pay it off ASAP no matter what come hell or high water before spending money on anything else.

Anyways, let me get back on track here. Sometimes when my supervisor hears me talk money issues, she suggests I get a second job. This time she even directed me to some notices for part time spots at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit during the hockey season and said that I should apply. I looked at these posts and determined that I was not qualified and told her such. The positions were up front customer service greeter style jobs and required certain experiences that I just don’t have. I’ve never worked in a customer service capacity nor could I ever fake it long enough. My experience is pretty much just television both in front and behind the camera, directing, video editing, etc., and I did do some clerical type stuff in my earlier days while doing my internship as well as a couple years as a teacher’s aid. Anyone who really knows me knows that I would not be good in customer service type stuff. I can get quite lippy when someone gets lippy with me. I tell her this and she tells me to apply anyways. Problem is, even if by some miracle I was to get one of these jobs at JLA, I would lose what bit of tax credit I get for my healthcare which would force me to pay full price which is not possible right now. If I have to start paying full price for my medical insurance, that extra money would be paying for that instead of being extra cash for other needs. Also, I did the two job thing before, and what the second job paid was not worth the hassle, wear and tear on my senior citizen of a car, or my blood pressure. Seriously, when I had that second job my doctor kept threatening to put me on blood pressure medications which I could not afford since my main medication is already so bloody expensive. The pay would have to be astronomical. Next year things may change if the new president decides to overturn Obama’s healthcare law, but right now I’m kinda stuck because of it. I know you’re trying to help lady, but you’re not.


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