Can Nobody Be Original Anymore

I’m all for diversity. I think the more diverse, the more interesting and more inclusive. Nobody should be made to feel left out. What gets me though is the comic book and tv/movie industry trying to shove it into people’s faces by totally transforming a pre-existing character. Turning characters, many who were created decades ago, into something else just for the sake of modern day political correctness is getting out of hand and frankly turning me away. Are imaginations so limited these days? Can you not just create a whole new character? It worked back in the old days when they created Spider Woman, Batgirl, Super Girl, etc. Why now feel compelled to change the genders of all of our beloved heroes or switch around their ethnic origins. For some characters, like Captain America and the Doctor from Doctor Who for whom there have been a few different people to take up the mantles, it can work. Others, like Spider-Man and Wolverine (RIP for now until they decide to bring you back), should not be messed with. Come up with something new! Bored of the same old hero that’s been around for 50+ years? Just kill them off or retire them and make a new title with fresh new stories. I know they want to bring in new fans, but this is not the way and will probably turn more away than towards.


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