Choose the Form of the Destroyer

Looking at the events happening here and abroad lately leaves me to wonder if we are truly heading for the end of days, or at least an outbreak of all out war. Also, there is a question as to which problem is going to finally be the catalyst for such an explosion. Right now there are many threats. First we have the terrorist group known as ISIS, who live to blow up anyone who do not bow to their ideas. I dare not call these monsters Muslim as even most Muslims object to their actions. Then we have the still communist China, North Korea, and a select few Middle Eastern countries developing weapons of mass destruction and making some serious threats to America and its allies. Then there are our internal struggles with the ever increasing exposure of mass killings. We’ve had mass killings before but in this age of instant information, they appear to be more rampant and more troubling. We also have presidential candidates who are all most likely to lead us into war with someone and is pretty much like trying to choose between Satan or Lucifer. Either way we lose. And last but not least, the recent rash of needless racial violence which rears its head every couple generations.

Which evil is going to end us, or will we as a species regardless of skin color or belief see where we are heading and evolve in time to stop us from destroying ourselves. I doubt we should evolve fast enough though seeing as how violence appears to be human nature, imprinted into our DNA since before we crawled out of our caves and fearing anything remotely different than ourselves. Yeah, a pretty grim view I agree, but one cannot go around with rose colored glasses thinking that current events are not happening and all is right with the world. Something is going to happen one way or another, just a matter of time and from what direction.

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