Just One of Those Days

Need to vent because right now, and most of the day pretty much, I feel like ripping and tearing everything up in my path and setting things ablaze, screaming and crying too (that last part did happen). For almost 2 weeks, it seemed like things were finally going to be somewhat okay, I was even creating some new art and parts to a new poem/song which I haven’t been able to do in a long time. Were things finally going to look up? I should know better by now. All of a sudden, today happens. I get out of the house this afternoon for work a few minutes later than I wanted. Then, as I’m driving down the road to work, I have to avoid at least 5 accidents. Some idiots want to turn in front of me at the last minute, one was moving over into my lane without even looking to see that there is a car next to them, a bunch of people driving 10 UNDER the speed limit nearly causing a car behind me to rear-end me, and one asshole sitting in the wrong lane to make a left turn. I forgot my granola bar at home so had nothing to snack on at work with my tea (I refuse to pay vending machine prices). While on my walk tonight I had some guy in a car with a bunch of his friends be annoying for a minute or two. Then I get home and open my mail to find a statement from my old medical insurance, apparently my doctor’s office sent them the bill instead of sending it to my current insurance provider despite me giving them the updated information at my last visit so now I have to get in contact with my doctor’s office and see if they can fix that or else I’m going to get stuck with a fucking $300 bill that I just can’t deal with right now. I’m on the verge of another meltdown. I don’t like meltdowns. I just want the world to disappear forever. On top of all that Ive been gaining much of my weight back that I’ve lost over the past few years and don’t even know how. Kill me.

About DarkPhoenix

I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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