UK Leaves EU

I’m keeping quiet about everything regarding political issues on both sides of the pond right now. At least trying to. Pros and cons to every issue and even I am split on the issue. I am an outsider though so it doesn’t really matter what I think in the grand scheme of things. On one hand, the UK leaving the EU means that their government answers to nobody but themselves and they can rule the way they want to, which could be good or bad depending on who is in charge. On the other hand, the UK has been so integrated into Europe for a few decades now that leaving can and will have some economic and social upheaval and will be like trying to separate the flavor crystals from Kool-Aid after already mixing it up. Either way the poor folk get screwed up the backside as they always do just as they do here no matter what side you choose, and the rich will stay rich. United Kingdom of Great Britain, you will survive this, I know it. You guys are the masters of bouncing back, you’ve been doing it for centuries. They are already trying to get a revote going which, if happens, will decide once and for all. Just remember guys to not vote on what some politician says because they all lie!

Just my two pence on the issue in abbreviated form.


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