Doubtful They Will Care

Was bored at the office, so I decided to go into the studio and clear up and set up what I could in preparation for Thursday morning’s shoot. Everything down to the lighting was taken care of. I just didn’t move the really, really heavy stuff since I am only one person and I didn’t hook up the audio or cameras as the mics and cameras were locked away in the production truck. I doubt anyone will notice or care when they have freelancers come in tomorrow to set up and find that most of the work is already done for them. Yeah, the station has plenty of qualified and capable staff to do studio setup for a piddly interview show yet they insist on wasting money hiring freelancers to pop in for an hour or two to set up for the next day’s shoot. If I wasn’t stuck where I am I would be so gone from there. Stay away from local cable kids, it’s a thankless trap!


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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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