A Reason to Not Automate Everything

Technology is an awesome thing. Makes tough and tedious jobs easier and quicker and our properties more secure,  blah blah blah. Problem is, when the power goes out, you need to have a backup plan! Actual physical keys are needed for doors when keypads and prox card entry sensors no longer function. Toilets should not have electronic flushers because when the power goes out and you need to use the bathroom, you will need to flush your leavings down somehow. Electronic gates to parking lots need a manual override so that employees are not trapped.

As you have probably guessed, my office had a power outage today. There is a generator, but it only controls the vital television operating systems and our channel. Everything else is dead when the power is out. It also happened yesterday, which was even worse as there was only one person in the building and the poor guy got locked out of the building and could not get out of the parking lot gate. The guy called our supervisor who then had to call around to all known department heads to look for a key to be able to get back into the building. Hard to do on a Sunday let me tell you. Nobody, not even the person in charge of building security, had a physical key! Suffice it to say the channel was off air for a little bit. Once the power came back on, the playback operator and supervisor were able to get back into the building and get things back up and running. Today, someone did manage to find a physical master key so now we have one in the event of such an emergency. Of course just as we were talking about yesterday’s incident, the power went out again. Oh fun! Especially on a hot day. Of course nothing could get done because everything we do is on computers! Lovely. See, not always a great thing to rely on for everything because when the power goes out, you’re screwed.


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