Finally Measured

With the heat today it was a crazy thing to do but I did it anyways. I decided to walk 1.5 hours in one direction. I don’t usually have much of a problem walking for that long, though it seems to amaze some people for some reason. After my 1.5 hour jaunt and a rest, I had someone drive me back the same exact route I took to get to the end, and it turned out to be about 5 miles. My guess was right. So this means that whenever I walk for that long straight, I do about 5 miles. Lately I’ve only been going an hour which would be approximately 3 miles, which is still not bad, but usually towards the middle of summer I kick up the time a bit to about 1.5 to sometimes 2 hours. Not too shabby for someone who isn’t the most athletically inclined person. Feels good too. Next time though I need to take 2 bottles of liquid and not just 1.


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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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