Discovered Too Late?

About ten or so years ago, when the station I work for was finally changing over to DVD format (yeah, they’re behind) I was hoping to be able to transfer much of my work that I had done over the years over to DVD. Problem was, through all of my moves, I lost track of the box of tapes containing the shows on which I created and/or crewed. I was hoping to preserve these for putting into a reel of sorts to showcase my work as producer, director, camera operator, and sometimes on-screen talent. Time went on and I thought they were lost forever, and my station gradually got rid of much of the old tech. Then of course tonight, I found my box of tapes in a regularly unseen corner of my garage! WTF really??? Now tapes (3/4 inch, digital S, and SVHS) are much like film in that they don’t do well in areas with no climate control, and they have been in that garage for at least 10 years, But I would still love to see if anything can be salvaged. Some of my best work may be in that box still. Sure, the stuff would probably be dated for a reel now (most people don’t care what you did 10+ years ago) but it would still be good for me to have for my own archive at least. I’m bummed that it took so long to discover them, but I do have hope that somewhere somebody may have the capability to transfer the old tech to the new tech and maybe get to show who I really am.


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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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