Helping to Spread the Word Again, Because I’m Just Such a Sweetie

Just like this time last year, and the year before that, A couple of people I follow on social media are holding fundraisers or just spreading kindness overall for good causes. I am all for giving to charity, but cannot afford to give myself so I feel that I am in some way contributing by spreading the word about these worthwhile causes these two individuals are collecting for. As always, no pressure as it is not my way to pressure people for donations but letting you know it’s out there. And yes, these are fundraisers being conducted by fellow Benedict Cumberbatch fans, just like the last few years, but you do not have to be a fan to donate if you feel the cause worthy.

“Cumberbatchweb” is holding a fundraiser for 3 organizations picked by Mr. Cumberbatch himself (MOAS, Lesvos Solidarity, and Refugee Support Network). Details at

“CumberNinjas” is at it yet again raising money for St. Mungos Broadway, a charity that helps provide a bed and support to people who are either homeless or at risk.

Her original post on tumblr can be seen here:

The JustGiving page for the fundraiser can be found here:

Always good to see people doing good things.


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