A Case of Better Safe Than Sorry

Had a bit of a freak out tonight. Well, maybe just startled but being very dark outside could make being startled a bit freaky and unexpected. It seems that I have a good neighbor nearby with good intentions. I pull into my garage about 10:45pm or so but instead of getting out right away, I sit in my car trying to roll up my faulty driver side window. Of course this is taking a long time. The window is still not totally up, I think I may have to just suck it up and take the car into a shop to get the window fixed. I can hear my bank account screaming murder right now. Anyways, the neighbor’s dog was already barking, as dogs do, causing the neighbor to look outside. He was noticing my garage door being open an unusual amount of time, so he quietly runs around the corner to the front door of my house to knock on the door to alert me that something might be going on in my garage (of course I’m actually the one in the garage), and upon not getting an answer he calls the police. He starts coming back around the corner and spots me closing my garage door. I didn’t recognize him at first as it was dark, but I began to take a defensive stance. What else is there to do, it’s dark and nobody really walks around at 11:30pm on a Thursday night in my neighborhood unless they are up to no good and I’m all by myself. After coming into the light a little, he recognized me and told me that he thought my garage was being robbed so he had called the police with whom he was still on the phone with. I heard him telling them that it was just the owner and everything is fine, but of course three of Dearborn’s finest were already pulling up the road. So after identifying myself and explaining the situation, all was well. I thanked them for coming out and checking and thanked the guy for being a good and watchful neighbor. He apologized, but told him it was no big deal and I would rather someone report something suspicious and have it be nothing than for there to be an actual crime taking place and nobody do anything. Better safe thaqn sorry.


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