Don’t You Just Love It

Don’t you just love it when you find a shampoo or conditioner that you really like but then have to stop using it when it seems to be the thing causing your face to break out more than usual? With my sensitive follicle issues and hair thinning over the past few years since the mishap with some medicine that just never seemed to totally revert back to normal, it’s hard to find good inexpensive products anymore that doesn’t leave me looking flat, dull, or frizzy. The stuff I’ve been using is okay but still doesn’t give my curls that oomph that it used to have and my ends look a bit scraggly. I’d get a haircut if I weren’t afraid of discovering bald patches (none showing yet luckily), and the follicles still do not take kindly to having hair being yanked. Switched to a nice Suave oil based shampoo/conditioner combo and loved it. My curls were nice and lively once again. Sadly, after a few weeks I noticed I was breaking out more than normal on the upper portion of my face that was not going away. I normally don’t have breakouts until near my “time of month”. Once I switched off from that stuff, the breakouts subsided. Why does my body have to be so defective? And it’s not just because I am getting older, its been defective since I was a kid pretty much.


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