Whatever Happened to Actual Chatting?

Why is it that just about every time some random person on the internet decides they want to talk to me and tries to be my “friend” that things devolve quickly into that person wanting to talk about nothing but wanting to get inside my pants? Seems nobody ever wants to just have a regular chat anymore. I’m not some prude that is against the occasional naughty talk, but I only do that with people I’ve known for awhile and not some random popping up on my messengers or social media. Besides, I like having actual conversations. I want my intellect to be stimulated, something I rarely ever get these days and it is maddening. It is annoying when, after the initial hellos, they go right into asking me for pics or to get on webcam for them (which I do not have). It is also creepy when said random who I’ve never met before claims they want to move to my country to meet me and be my boyfriend. Come on, really? Don’t be a perve.


About DarkPhoenix

I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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