Just Because My Beliefs Are Different Doesn’t Make Them Wrong

Thursday, I got into a discussion once again with the overly churchy type guy I mentioned in an earlier post. He had asked me if I was going to attend the funeral of my coworker’s mother who passed away earlier this week. I told him no because I do not believe in going to funerals of individuals that I do not know. He didn’t seem to understand this for some reason. A couple other coworkers I think don’t understand either by the way they looked at me on Friday when they returned from the funeral service. My beliefs don’t make me a bad person, at least they shouldn’t. Sure, I knew the deceased’s daughter for over 17 years but that doesn’t mean that I was close to her or her family. What microbe of a relationship I may have with my coworker begins and ends at the office we work in each day. Sure I talk to her on occasion, but as sad as it sounds I have a better relationship with my cup of tea, music playing on the tv, and my picture of Benedict Cumberbatch at my desk than I do with most of my coworkers. They don’t care to interact with me too much even when I try to be sociable. The office environment that exists today is nothing near what it was 15 years ago. You may chat about stuff on occasion with one another, but once the work day ends that is it. So back to this funeral thing. Unless you know the deceased, there is no reason to go to their funeral. This is what sympathy cards are for. Am I wrong? Am I cold and heartless? I don’t feel that I am in this regard.

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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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