Went to get my eyes re-examined since my new glasses didn’t seem to feel quite right. I gave them a week as suggested but my brain was having none of it and refused to adjust. Like with cars or computers, you can take them in for repairs but sometimes, no matter how good the repair person is, you need to take the car or computer back to the shop to get one little thing tweaked. I played scientist and found that if I tilted my glasses a certain way that some of the shadowing was gone and everything was clearer and explained to the doctor. She did indeed find a slight difference and had new lenses ordered. I swear she is the best eye doctor I had since the 1990′s. She took the time to listen to me and everything and worked to help make sure things were right. My last pair of glasses were slightly off to begin with and I was a few years past due for an exam, so I take that into account too.

Downside to this is I have to go back to my old pair for about a week or two which is totally annoying. I love the frame but the lenses are scratched up and I have to deal with the reason for getting new glasses in the first place. Wish lasik wasn’t so expensive or I’d get that. But then again, lasik doesn’t always take care of everything for everybody.


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