Don’t Like it? Oh Well!

I had to put my foot down on my other page, someone got on my nerves. I love each and every person who comes across my blogs and take the time to read them and encourage feedback or the occasional debate, but never troll me.  🙂

To the anon or couple of anons bugging me about what I post and don’t post, just stop it. Not sure if you’re just being genuinely annoying, trying to get a rise out of me, or trying to pull me into your little circus side show. I believe I have said once or twice before on this blog of MINE that I post what I choose. I don’t feel the need to cater to anyone. It’s not that I hate the person you’ve inquired about, I don’t know them or their work so therefore feel no need to post anything about them. Just because I am a fan of someone and express my admiration for them on MY blog does not mean that I need to post anything about some nobody connected to them. If that person does something worthy of being noticed, then perhaps they may get a mention. I feel you are fishing and it’s not very nice. Now go sit in the corner with your face to the wall and think about what you’ve done. I think I just invoked my dead grandmother there. She loved making kids go into a corner when they were bad.

I look at blogs as someone’s personal diary or scrapbook. In the days before the internet, people (especially teenagers but sometimes even adults) kept diaries or scrapbooks, or in my case a hybrid of both. I never kept a traditional diary as sometimes the ADHD would often kick in and distract me from committing to writing stuff into a book daily, or I just did not feel the need to relive most of my days. I felt no need to remind myself which bully tormented me on what day and what they did to me. My life was also not very interesting to me at the time to write about it. Aside from the occasional fishing outing to Lake St. Clair or a couple of weeks out of the summer down to West Virginia up until I was 6 years old, I never went anywhere interesting. Okay, maybe every couple of years or so, my other grandparents would take a bunch of us kids to Cedar Point, but that was it.

Scrapbooks usually contained pictures or article snippets of whatever interests a person be it a hobby or fandom. My scrapbook, and those belonging to many people at the time, was a spot to post one’s thoughts, show off souvenirs like ticket stubs or pictures of one’s adventures, show stuff pertaining to a hobby, share dreams, and to share images and articles of people admired be they sports star, favorite team, artist, musician, actor, movie, etc. whatever I wanted. As they are now, my interests varied widely which made for interesting reading. Something for everybody. Today, internet blogs take the place of those paper diaries and scrapbooks. Everybody’s is different. Some people devote their blogs to one subject, while others are a random jumble.

Mine is of the random jumble sort but there are a handful of lovely people who don’t seem to mind. Some enjoy the occasional and outbursts of fangirliness for certain actors or musicians, while others may not give a rat’s ass about any of that and eagerly await my next photographic offering. Some may find my thoughts entertaining. Some may share similar musical interests or appreciation of good art. Some might like hearing what I think about a particular movie. Some may be using me for literary research. Some may like interacting with me. Some may like seeing what I find interesting. Some might be studying me for science. Hello to each and every one of you and I am glad to have earned your interest. Love you all.

About DarkPhoenix

I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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