More For Less

I’m not sure if this goes across all chain restaurants, but I’m sure it has for many. I recently went to a local Applebee’s restaurant, to which I haven’t been to in a couple of years for obvious reasons. It was the nearest place to me other than fast food joints still serving up food after 9:30pm. Some days I work late. Next time I’ll rethink my options. They greatly reduced their menu, which I can understand since there is one thing I picked up from “Kitchen Nightmares” is that restaurants should reduce clutter on their menus by getting rid of dishes that do not sell all too much. They also either kept their prices the same or raised them, yet greatly reduced their portions. I can understand either reducing waste or trying to encourage healthy portion size, but for crying out loud I should not be paying higher prices for smaller portions! And $5 for a side salad barely the size of a baseball made up of mostly croutons? Most places that no longer include salad automatically with their meals will usally only charge around $2 and give you a halfway decent sized side salad. I get more for my money for a Wendy’s salad. The fish and chips were dinky and a bit over salted. For the price I paid, I should get a decent chain restaurant grade meal that fills me up. I’m glad I didn’t opt for steak, I would hate to see what they did to their steak dishes.

That of course wasn’t the last of it. Went to a bar afterwards for a little treat, hence why I needed food on my stomach, and found they are getting just as bad. The beer prices were about the same as always give or take, but their mixed drinks of course have gone a bit downhill. The mixing was good, but again I’m getting a whole lot less than I should be and a whole lot more ice. Their jager bombs, which is supposed to be a whole can of Red Bull with a shot of jager, is now maybe half a can at best. I know, you can drink beer and other stuff cheaper at home, but one goes to a bar to also socialize with others in a festive atmosphere. So disappointing a night.


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