People Are Gross and Don’t Care

I used to love clothes shopping. Something I sadly have not been able to do much of for enjoyment over the past decade or so. When I do get the chance, I am limited by my funds as to what I can get and how much. I had a gift card from Christmas I decided to use to pick me up a shirt or some pants, both much needed as it feels like I’m wearing the same things each week. Sad really. I found a couple of nice shirts and decided to go try them on. No two brands rarely fit the same and therefore must be tried on. I go into the fitting room and immediately had to walk out and find another one. Some lazy ass decided to either change their baby in the fitting room or just decided to drop the bag with dirty diaper into the fitting room stall. Why in the world could you not take that bag to the nearest ladies room garbage can? I know fitting rooms aren’t the cleanest places but come on there has to be a limit! This particular fitting room had only 3 stalls so that means people have to go across the store because they decided to contaminate the place with their child’s excrement.

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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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