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We interrupt this seemingly eternal trek through melancholia to bring you the latest movie review. May get a few this year, got some great looking films coming out. This weekend I caught a matinee showing of Marvel’s newest, “Deadpool” starring Ryan Reynolds as Marvel’s favorite merc with a mouth. Not to be confused with “The Dead Pool” which starred Clint Eastwood many years ago. Yeah somebody actually made that mistake on twitter and I just had to give a blank stare to my screen for a couple minutes. Anyways, this movie delivers action, comedy, romance, good guys, bad guys, and pop culture references up the yin yang in one complete package. I must add though that this film may not be for everyone. There is a lot of violence, crude jokes, vulgarity, gore, and even a sex scene. Why else would they give it an R rating? If you get offended easily, go elsewhere. Another thing…this is not one for family viewing. Leave the kids at home with a responsible adult. If you know anything about “Deadpool” from the comics, you know this already. You will also know that this isn’t a typical superhero movie since Deadpool was never a hero, more like an antihero.

First off, as always, the origin story does not follow exactly the same path as the comics but it is actually pretty close as far as Hollywood adaptations of literary works go. Some stuff is cut from the actual comic book story as well as some things getting switched around but not so badly to make you notice right away. In this adaptation, Wade Wilson (aka Deadpool) was a former Canadian special forces operative turned rogue mercenary taking out those whom he felt needed to be taken out. In the comics, he was part of the Weapon X project as well as Department K where his healing powers manifested, but they don’t mention all of that of course. He’s actually quite normal at first and then finds out he has cancer. He agrees to undergo an experiment promised to cure him, of course it doesn’t, and he goes to seek revenge upon the one who messed him up. To make him even more angry, the bad guys steal his girlfriend. The bad guys are a bit forgettable, but the other elements involved make you not really care. They even had enough in their budget to have two X-Men make an appearance. Stan Lee also has his customary cameo. Oh yes, as with all Marvel Comics movies, stay until after the credits are done.

This movie is thoroughly enjoyable, different, and refreshing, but not for everyone’s taste of course. And again…NOT FOR KIDS! If you know nothing about Deadpool but are curious, look up the character bio at Marvel’s official website to give you an idea then decide for yourself if you can handle watching such a character on the big screen. You can tell fun was had making this film. Hell even the opening credits made me laugh. Not easy to do. 8.5 out of 10 from me. Highly recommended.


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