Going About it Wrong

Okay, I feel I need to voice my opinion here. This whole thing about people being outraged at how white the Oscars is, even to the point of wanting to boycott the Academy is downright ridiculous. I’m not saying Hollywood doesn’t suffer from a lack of diversity, but I don’t feel that to be the Academy’s fault. I feel the fault lies more with casting directors who hire the actors for the movies. If more women and minorities were hired for the movies elevated to award quality status, then obviously you would see more women and minorites receiving awards. Yes, there are many actors that get passed up because they are not white men but that is not the fault of the Academy or any of the other oragnizations in the industry that pass out awards, it is the fault of those hiring the actors to fill the roles in those movies. Again people want to gripe about something but are directing their griping into the wrong direction.

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