Do They Really Believe It?

Sometimes you have to wonder about the gullibility of some people. After all these years of the internet existing, do people really fall for those email or social media posts that says the poster will actually give everyone who likes, shares, or comments on the post and/or email? I still see that going around and I find it sad. Even my own sister reposted one of those things from a person stating that if they won the big powerball jackpot, he would share a portion of his winnings with everyone who shares, likes, or comments. Yeah, and I got some oceanfront property in Arizona I will sell you. And when you tell these hapless individuals what the reality is, they tell you it doesn’t hurt to try anyways. No, it doesn’t hurt but it clogs up the social media feeds and email boxes of everyone who follows you. Nobody is going to share their wealth with you, a perfect stranger, for just participating in their spamming efforts. The same goes for the “luck fairy” spams and the various variations of the theme, or the power of prayer efforts for dying children, or some charity will get X amount of money per like or re-post. I have yet to see one single crumb of evidence that these and others like them are anything more than junk clogging up screen space. I stand a better chance of Benedict Cumberbatch showing up in a TARDIS on my front porch. Just sayin’.


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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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