Bodies Are Weird

I normally hate going to the doctor, always have. If it weren’t for the fact that I have been having to continually take a certain medication since I was in my teens, I would probably never see a doctor at all unless something serious arose. Holidays increase this hatred of routine doctor visits. The main reason is that these routine visits include the weight and vitals check. Every December my blood pressure always seems to be through the roof where it is normally in the normal range any other time (though I am stressed a lot anyways it seems to be worse around December), and of course all of the holiday foods and sweets pack on a few extra pounds on the scale. Doc gave me the side eye when comparing things to last visit. The oddest thing though with my weight was that on Christmas Day I weighed around 172 (I’m one woman that’s not ashamed to share her weight too much). I’m 5 ft 9 in tall so that is not terribly heavy at all, just merely in the I-can-stand-to-lose-a-few-more-pounds category and not in the OMG-I’m-so-fat category. Anyways, just 3 days later at the doctor’s office, her scale showed me to be 177! Holy shitballs Batman what happened? Granted on Christmas Day I had dinner at my sister’s where much of what she served was high starch fare like 2 kinds of potatoes, stuffing with potatoes in that lol, corn, bread, and of course delicious desserts. Enough to make anyone bloat up a bit. Then of course on New Year’s Eve day I was back down to my normal 172, go figure. Unfortunately I could not avoid the visit as I needed precription refills. Holidays are just crap times to have to do that.


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