The Hype is Real

Caught “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” tonight, a much anticipated sequel to “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi”. I can tell you that as a life long Star Wars fan, I was not disappointed. Don’t believe any of the negative comments on IMDB. From the first note of John Williams’s famous opening score, this movie is a real treat for any Star Wars fan or general sci-fi adventure lover. J.J. Abrams captured the feel of the original trilogy that the prequels sorely lacked. AND NO JAR JAR! Since this is a new release I won’t give too much away. We are first introduced to Poe Dameron, played by Oscar Isaac, attempting to flee the evil First Order on the planet Jakku with his BB8 droid that harbors a secret essential to the resistance. During the conflict we are also introduced to rogue stormtrooper Finn, played by John Boyega. Escaping the battle, BB8 finds itself in the company of a young scavenger named Rey, played by Daisy Ridley, and here starts the adventure as Rey must get BB8 to the Resistance before Kylo Ren and the First Order get to them first. It is the classic bad guys trying to conquer the universe and the good guys must stop them plot, but then again some of us like that. It is worth watching and will undoubtedly become a classic like the originals. I give this a 8.5/10


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