Silly Internet Quiz (Been A While)

Yep, I still somehow end up with Sherlock most times, though I did get a Teitjens once. I think Sherlock might be fun though, I love having my intellect stimulated and there’s always that element of danger about him.

Benedict Cumberbatch knows how to play the villain. He also knows how to play the hero, the psychopath, the righteous – the list goes on! The only thing he doesn’t know how to act is boring. So out of our favourite Benedict Cumberbatch roles, which one should you end up with? Take our quiz to find out…
Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes

Congratulations to you. You got the sexy, clever and loyal Sherlock Holmes! Being Mrs Holmes won’t be a walk in the park (since it’ll mean your husband is a highly functioning sociopath), but you’ll never, EVER be bored as the pair of you solve mysteries together (and just imagine him giving your THAT coat when you get cold, lovely)!

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