Always Beware

It appears good old fashion mailbox scams still exist in this digital age. I actually got someone trying to scam me via “snail mail”. I received an envelope on Friday with my name and address handwritten on it which was the first indicator of something’s not right. No return address on it either but the postmark was from Texas. I know nobody personally in Texas, only online, and usually any official businesslike correspondence usually has the addressee’s address typed. Even the junk mail senders have typed envelopes. I decide to open it up anyways and notice letterhead from some company called Preferred Client Services with a Livonia, MI address. Second flag: letterhead from a supposedly Michigan based facility with an envelope postmarked from Texas. They apparently want to give me a free android tablet computer. All I have to do is call their number and then go pick it up, then later I would fill out the enclosed survey. There would be absolutely no cost to me and I could keep the tablet. You can smell that fish from miles away can’t you? Third flag: some company you never heard of wanting to give you something for free out of the blue.

Out of curiosity, I typed their website into the Bing search engine and as expected, got bupkis. I did however see a link to the Better Business Bureau and my suspicions were further confirmed and there is indeed a scam making the rounds. I went to read the comments section and apparently there were some people stupid enough to be taken in. Basically they want to rope you into coming to see them for a 90 minute sales pitch and try to milk you of your money. If you did receive a tablet, it was a total piece of crap. I just find it surprising that some actually got that far before they figured it out. How do people still fall for scams? There are those who, to this day, still fall for the classic “UK lottery” scam, or the “relative lost in a foreign country and needs money wired for trip back home” scam, as well as the ever popular “Nigerian prince” or the “relative you never heard of from another country leaving you his fortune but you need to give them your account number so they can deposit it directly to you” scam, and how about the “I will give you millions if you send me $100″ scam. NEWS FLASH: IT DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY!. Sometimes having trust issues can be an advantage.


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