Random Observation

I don’t watch too much tv, but there are a few shows I do make a point to watch when I can. I don’t have cable, so there is less of a variety of programs to grab my attention. There are a couple though on the free broadcast stations that I have been hooked into. It took me awhile to think about it, but after about 2 years of watching Gotham and a few of the superhero offerings I have observed a boldness in their productions that you would have never seen in the past. Not that I’m complaining because I love these shows, which is why I watch them, but some of the graphic stuff they show you would never have seen on the free broadcast channels even as recent as ten years ago. For many years, any show that features violent acts or graphic accidents would only allude to the incident by showing an already dead body or evidence that something had happened. Now they are all up in your face, being unafraid to show a murderer or psychopath in the act. I guess they figured they should finally start competing with cable and online platforms or become totally irrelevant since the rest of their offerings are all yawn-inducing talk shows and “reality” shows. And before you go on about how tv and film has desensitized society and glorifying violence, remember two things: art imitates life and life is not all sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows, and people should learn the difference between what’s real and make-believe. Being bold works, it got me watching. Just something that popped into my brain for some reason.


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