False Alarm

Tonight at work, I really thought someone was about to pass out or something. I heard a rustling behind the partition that surrounds my desk area. Most people in my department were already gone or in other parts of the building, so I looked over the partition and saw a man standing perfectly still facing the wall. I’m thinking he was one of the people new to the building as I did not recognize him. I asked if he was okay, but there was no answer. I asked again, and nothing. Hearing impaired? Seizure? Having a stroke? I came around the corner to see better. Finally he moves as he goes down to his knees and begins a prayer. I then noticed that his shoes were off as well. I quietly apologized and went back to my desk. It’s not that I am ignorant of Muslim custom, quite the contrary, it was just out of the ordinary for this particular office. Normally in the past, any Muslim coworkers usually did their prayers in areas where they would not be disturbed right away. After the man was finished, he came around to me and apologized for disturbing me, but I apologized right back for me possibly disturbing him during his prayer as I originally thought something was wrong when he was standing totally still facing a blank wall. I wanted to suggest that he could use the green room or studio in the future, where it would be quiet and no traffic, but then thought it might sound as if I was discriminating. Some people can jump to such conclusions.


About DarkPhoenix

I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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