Getting Half Mooned

Wasn’t quite sure what to call this post, think the above may work. The male fad of wearing your pants below your butt seems to be migrating to females now. Thursday night after work, I had to stop by the pharmacy for a prescription refill. As I sat there waiting, in walks a woman with her two teenage kids. This woman was not one of those chubby people who try to fit into clothes that are a few sizes too small. She was actually on the fit side of average from what I can tell without looking too long and making myself look like a weirdo. As she walked past me, I could not help but notice her butt was halfway showing. To make matters even worse, she didn’t appear to be wearing any panties. Something that cannot be unseen unfortunately. Even if they are low rise style jeans, they are still supposed to cover your bottom. I felt like screaming, “For the love of f*** lady, pull your pants up!” Even stranger still was that her teenagers were dressed like normal teenagers.


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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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