Must Not Be All That Important

Today one of my coworkers was rushing about the office telling everyone not to talk to her, that she has no time for chit chat because she is so totally swamped with work and has a deadline. She stops by another coworker for supposedly just a sec. Remember, totally swamped and has a deadline. 45 minutes later she is still at the other coworker’s desk chatting away about personal stuff and about how proud she is of her children. What happened to that deadline there missy? What makes it even more annoying is she rarely ever uses her inside voice therefore drowning out the music I listen to (and purposefully keep low enough as to not disturb the others) where I sit clear across the room. Ever since I got a tv at my desk, I keep music going to help calm me and exert some sort of focus so that I can do my work and it usually does help when I don’t have a bunch of hens clucking loudly across the room.


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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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