Ohhhh She Went There and I Nearly Snapped

I admit it, I have a lot of crap days more often than good. Contrary to popular belief it is not because of my outlook on things which would be more positive if I had something to be positive about. Even though people should not judge others, there are still many out there that do even without knowing anything about a person. I think I scared a lady at work, or got her mad at me, not sure which. Anyways, Wednesday evening at the office was one of those low days for me where I was in less than stellar spirits. This coworker made a comment to which myself and another responded. Apparently she decided to make light of my comment using a mocking tone in her voice and calling me a Debbie Downer and whatnot. For a good portion of my life, I have been mocked, ridiculed, bullied, disregarded, and lied to so I know exactly what a mocking tone sounds like. I know she doesn’t care much for me despite her fake politeness but I put up with it because I still need this survival job a bit longer. After the other coworker left, just before she left, I did what I would rarely ever do but should do more often. I went over to her and told her that though I respected her, I did not appreciate her tone and that she should never judge a person as they could be fighting a battle you know nothing about. Unlike a couple of others at work, she has never once tried finding out anything about me or asking me what my problem is when I am having one of my really low days despite me being in that office for a couple of years now. She tried passing it off of course saying that she was trying to make me feel better. BULLSHIT! Mocking people does not make them feel better.


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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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