Everything Kills

I’ve been seeing so much talk tonight on social media about the “latest” study on how bad bacon, sausage, ham, and processed meats are bad for you and that they can increase your risk of cancers. This is old news really. Every few months an article comes out about a study saying this or that is bad for you only to turn around in another couple months saying that it’s not so bad and then back to being bad a couple months after that. It’s a never ending cycle really. They’ve been going back and forth about eggs and dairy as well for decades. Personally I’ve been trying my best to steer clear of overly processed meats for the past 15 years solely on the fact that they are pumped full of so much filler and stuff you cannot pronounce because I know it’s not what nature intended. Things you start thinking about when you’re an adult that you don’t when you’re a kid. But hell some days you do get a craving for a hot dog or a few slices of bacon. Just keep in mind that stuff is a “sometimes food” and you’ll be fine. My parents always told me that no matter how much you try, these days just breathing can kill you. I’m not endorsing unhealthy eating habits, just find a happy medium and don’t freak out over every little article that swims across the information superhighway.


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