Date Night with a Danish Prince

Finally had something to look forward to, and it was worth the splurge. Tonight I got out of work early and drove out to Livonia, MI to catch NTLive’s broadcast of Hamlet directed by Lyndsey Turner and starring Benedict Cumberbatch in the title role. For those not up on their Shakespeare, Hamlet is the story of a Danish prince who finds out that his father has been murdered by his uncle Claudius and sets out to avenge his death as well as wrestling with his own sanity. Remarkable performances by the entire cast and of course Benedict does not disappoint (the only person who has never disappointed me) with his portrayal, making you feel every emotion with his fierce intensity. The set, lighting, music, and costumes also deserve a nod of approval as well. I totally wish that I could have seen this in the UK and gotten the chance to meet him at stage door to let him and the rest of the cast know personally how much I loved their version of this Shakespeare classic. A perfect 10 all around in my opinion. It seemed as if the nearly full theatre agreed with me from what I could overhear.

Of course at the end after the bows, as he had apparently been doing for a few weeks now, Benedict made his appeal to the masses to help the refugees being forced from their homes in Syria. You have to love this man’s big heart. I’ve seen people rip into him online (not that he would ever see) for trying to champion such a cause, but the way I see it there is a big difference between people pouring into one’s country just to mooch resources and people who are in legitimate need of refuge. He also read a part of a lovely poem entitled “Home” by Somali writer Warsan Shire.

On another side note, he is bulking his muscles up very nicely for his role as Doctor Strange which he begins filming in November. Seeing him nice and toned is going to increase Cumberbatch infested dreams methinks. Sorry Benedict but as a female with female urges, I cannot not notice these things. I love you first and foremost for your unbelievable talent that I have found nobody else possesses on Earth, but other qualities are tough to ignore. YES I know he will never see this post which is another reason for not caring about mentioning it.


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