Someone Asked Where I Was

A question posed to me on a board I frequent by an anonymous reader, thought I’d share here.

Do you remember where you were when the towers fell on September 11, 2001?


Ahh a somewhat scary time for all of us Americans as it came out of nowhere. Though if you believe the conspiracy theories, the government had a feeling something was going to happen but nobody knew when. I was asleep in bed that morning. Having no shoots early in the week, I was on master control duty at the tv station and did not need to be in until 3pm, so did not have to wake until noon. When the first plane hit, I got a phone call and the woman on the other end was telling me to turn on the news because we were under attack. As groggy as I was, I found the remote and turned on the tv to see the towers on fire. The rest of the day was pretty weird and surreal. Many people skipped going in to work but I still went in, though I kept an eye on the news for any more developments. There hadn’t been an attack on American soil during my generation so yeah, pretty freaky.


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