Free Speech Can Go Too Far

Some people tend to believe that they can say whatever the they want under the umbrella of “freedom of speech”. Just because you can say anything and everything doesn’t necessarily mean that you should. Blogging or tweeting death threats goes into the latter area. English actors Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington have once again received death threats and are taking things quite seriously. You can read the article here: (Huff. Post UK) and (The Stage) Apparently it appears that Amanda was seen as supporting a friend of hers who lost his job over some choice things he had tweeted. The friend worked in a theatre in London and had said some nasty things about fans of Benedict Cumberbatch who went to his twitter feed to find that not only was he slagging them off but was making some really nasty and inappropriate posts about women in general and has been for quite some time. His bosses were alerted and he lost his job.

Disagree with people if you will over whatever issue you wish, debates can be fun and stimulating. Sending death threats though is another story and should be taken very seriously, and I’m glad it is. Crap like this is why many public figures want nothing to do with their public. “See my shows, watch me work, but don’t even think of coming up to me even if it’s just to voice your appreciation.” To make matters worse in this subject, the person making the threat invokes the name of Benedict Cumberbatch, saying Martin and Amanda are making him look bad. Ummm…wha? And so now of course not only do Martin and Amanda have to worry about some nutter, Benedict does as well and he should not have to. Benedict’s name should not have been brought up. Benedict Cumberbatch loves his fans, always tries to make a little time during all of his appearances to say hi or sign a few autographs and has even been doing stage door after Hamlet despite going on and on for a year beforehand saying that he was definitely not doing stage door. This man needs to concentrate on his performances in Hamlet and not have to worry about some whackjob in the midst of his fans poking their heads up and causing problems for him or those he has worked with. Sadly, all public figures do have at least one crazy nutjob in their fandom. Some people are crazy, and this is why we cannot have nice things.

Personal attacks are not okay people!


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