Hate Me if You Must

I know I’ve touched on this subject here in my blog before, but in light of recent events and some people’s rantings I feel that I must bring it up again. GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE! If we didn’t have guns, mankind would just use something else. Knives are awfully sharp, and hell big heavy rocks and pointy sticks have been used since the beginning of time. I do not favor violence, but the truth is that humans are violent by nature and despite our millions of years of evolution many have not totally exercised that primal urge of kill or be killed. Many people are just plain nuts.

People who cry out about banning guns don’t stop to think that banning guns or any other weapons for that matter, is going to stop someone who is hell bent on killing. Just like drugs, people will find a way to obtain the means to carry out their intentions. Laws don’t deter criminals and whackjobs. When I hear of people banning guns, I am often reminded of an episode of “The Simpsons” where little Lisa Simpson gets her wish and the town outlaws weapons and destroys them all. Soon after weapons are abolished, the dead rise from the graves toting guns and wreak havok. Now, I don’t expect the dead to rise up against the living, but as with many fables of the past this story has a grain of truth to it when you think about it. The dead outlaws and murderers in this cartoon represent the very point I make. Need another example? Look at prohibition era USA. Alcohol was outlawed, yet determined people were still able to secretly obtain it from sources out of the country while others began to make their own.

I grew up around guns. Many in my family are or were hunters. And before you put down hunting I will tell you that I would rather have freshly killed and properly cured meat untouched by growth hormones or places where the animals are kept tightly packed into confined and unsanitary pens waiting for mass slaughter than mass produced and overly processed meat from parts unknown any time, much of which goes to waste. And even those in my family who are not hunters have guns for protection and protection only. My dad had them in the house all my life and not once did I ever reach for one because I knew what they were capable of and my dad kept them properly locked away.

Better to have and not need than to need and not have. Something to think about because violent tendencies and mental instabilities are not going away anytime soon. The only thing we can do is make it harder to obtain guns through proper background checks, educate the masses, and keep them out of reach of children and the mentally unstable.


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