I cannot imagine a reason why someone not even out of high school yet would send a friend request on facebook to a stranger in her upper 30s. I know they have a couple mutual “friends” on their list who are even older than me, but for all I know the kid knows these two people. We though do not know each other. While I am very flattered that someone I’ve never met deems me worthy enough to “friend” me, I just find it odd. I have nothing against making friends with younger people, in fact it can be refreshing and fun. If you’ve read my blog long enough you’d know that I had a friend online who was 12 years younger than me once and we got on fine, but then again we played the same games and even had some other things in common. Then there are the ones who follow me or vice versa on social media because we like the same actors or tv shows which gives us something to talk about. This kid though, I see nothing on his profile that even hints at any commonalities. So what’s the game? LOL. Hope he likes seeing me do nothing but like Benedict Cumberbatch pictures since that’s all I really do on facebook.


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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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